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As your Sheriff I will focus on:

  • TRANSPARENCY: Addressing your concerns throughout my tenure as your Sheriff. I’ll be an open book. No secrets.

  • SCHOOL SAFETY: Providing safe and healthy learning environments for students of all ages in Palm Beach County in public, charter and private schools. I will work to identify “at-risk youth” through teacher, parent, and law enforcement inter-communication and work together to improve school safety.


  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Ensuring your tax dollars are responsibly spent on programs that will improve the safety and quality of life issues for all citizens.

  • PROTECTION OF ELDERLY: Ensuring our elderly population receive available services for health, safety, and mental illness assistance from resources such as the Department of Children and Family (DCF). Ensure, through crime prevention and education, that our elderly know how to secure their homes and that they develop an awareness against crimes like scams and identity thefts.

  • DRUG OFFENSES: Aggressively enforcing serious drug offenses including gangs and the criminal activity associated with them while working with community organizations to prevent addiction and help those addicted to drugs.


  • TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT: Enforcing traffic laws on county, municipal streets and highways, making commuting safe for citizens and visitors.


  • INFORMING CITIZENS: Always keeping citizens informed and up to date on all threats.


We would love for you to join our team.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Lauro Diaz, Republican for Palm Beach County Sheriff.

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